About Us

Siam Intelligence Unit (SIU), established in 2009, is a private “think tank” specializing on politics, economics, public policy and foreign affairs. SIU staffs are new generation analysts who want to improve the effectiveness of Thailand’s public policy by introducing latest global knowledge and combining with the practically, realistic action plan.

While SIU is based in Bangkok, we co-partner and work with many global and local organizations including The Prime Minister’s Office, Thailand National Telecommunications Commission, Chulalongkorn University, Friedrich Naumann Foundation Asia, the National University of Singapore, Sri Lanka-based LIRNEasia and Thai Health Foundation. See details in Partners section.

Areas of Interest

Our work is focusing on four key areas:

Politics Analyst & Public Policy

One of the famous aspects of SIU is political analysis, based on our experiences and methodology. SIU analytical reports during 2010 Thailand’s political crisis was continuously released and widely distributed and reviewed among Thai internet users. SIU also introduced “Scenario Planning” approach to create dialogue atmosphere in Thai polarized politics. We organized a public seminar in January 2010 and invited the representative of both sides to discuss.

Economics Policy

Many of SIU staffs are from economics aspects. We are very interested in Thai macro economics policy, especially Thailand’s economics structure and Creative Economy policy. We also have followed global economy situation closely with many publications, lectures and seminars about world’s economics movement.

Foreign Affairs

SIU believes in united & peaceful ASEAN community and always opposes Thailand’s foreign policies that introduces conflict to the region. SIU and Institute of Asia Studies, Chulalongkorn University jointly organized a public seminar “ASEAN Community 2015”on 25 January 2011 with Prof. Dr. Surakiart Sathirathai, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand as a keynote speaker.

SIU website (siamintelligence.com) frequently reports global foreign affairs, i.e. US Election, Egypt Protest or China’s relation with India.

Media & Technology

SIU researchers advise Thailand National Telecommunications Commission on various telecom policies, including 3G auction and SMS Spam policy. Beside of pure technology policy, SIU also works on ‘technology for public policy improvement’ with several government projects, such as  “Farmers’ Income Insurance”.

On the media front, SIU joined new media research project with Chulalongkorn University and have some “new media” consult for several Thailand’s media group, including Thai Rath, largest newspaper in Thailand.


SIU services can be divided into three categories:

Research & Consultant

We offer customized research for both public and private organizations. Our research methodologies are comprised of literature review (LR), Conceptual Framework, Research Design (qxd, xd and nxd), Data Collecting Tools (DCT) with  interactive, active and online survey. We also use integrated analysis on Data Analysis Technique, e.g. Triangular Design.

Selected works:

  • Rethinking Media Reform and Integrated Media Policy from 2010-2020
    2010 research project with multiple partners: Campaign for Popular Media Reform, Thai Film Foundation and Thai Netizen Network
  • Unstable Constructs of Space: Youth Techno Culture and Cybercafes in the Small and Medium Towns of Developing Asia
    2010 field research project with National University of Singapore
  • Public Opinion on Thai Health TV
    2011 online survey project with Thai Health Foundation


Although SIU’s main media presence is online world, we also publish articles and opinion pieces on top newspapers and magazines, including Bangkok Business Newspaper, Post Today and Matichon Weekly. SIU’s opinion on Thai politics was quoted by Reuters and The Christian Science Monitor.

Events & Seminars

We have organized many public seminars with our partners. We also have our own iZen lecture & discussion series for young scholars.