Book: Transform Thailand

SIU’s third book about the need of “Economical Transformation” for Thailand in the next decade.

Transform Thailand

Transform Thailand is SIU’s third book.

Transform Thailand discussed about the need of “Economical Transformation” for Thailand in the next decade. Thailand has transformed itself once since 1960s from purely agricultural countries to industrialization. The export-led growth had driven the country quite well for nearly 50 years. However the 1997 financial crisis destroyed Thailand’s dream as a ‘newly industrialized country’ (NIC) and the fifth ‘Asian Tiger’.

As 2010s, Thailand’s current growth engine nearly reaches its limit. Our production sector can’t elevate to the next level of technological advance while the cost-driven advantage is highly competed by emerging economies. The usual Middle-income trap.

Thailand needs to find a new unique positions in the globalized world to survive in the next century. This book discusses possible scenarios Thailand could be in the near future. We interviewed many Thai public figures, scholars, politicians who once directed the country to see their dream of the ‘Next Thailand’.

The Interviewees List

  • Pansak Vinyarat – Former Chief Policy Adviser of the Prime Minister
  • Pridiyathorn Devakula – Former Deputy Prime Minister and Governor of the Bank of Thailand
  • Surakiart Sathirathai – Former Deputy Prime Minister
  • Korbsak Sabhavasu – Former Deputy Prime Minister
  • Nipon Poapongsakorn – President of Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)
  • Suvit Maesincee – Director of Sasin Institute for Global Affairs (SIGA)
  • Songsak Saicheua – Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission for the Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Kirida Bhaopichitr – Senior Economist, World Bank

Book Information

  • Published Date: November 2011
  • ISBN: 978-974-8469-43-0
  • Editor: Isriya Paireepairit
  • Pages: 184
  • Price: 230 Baht

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