Reuters: Thaksin Skype Cabinet Meeting

Reuters quote SIU’s opinion on Thaksin’s Skype session for Pheu Thai members.

23 Sep 2011 – Reuters quote SIU’s opinion on Thaksin’s Skype session.

Thaksin tried to organize regular Pheu Thai execs meeting via Skype every Monday to follow the cabinet tasks. The public see this as the ‘real cabinet meeting’ beside the Yingluck’s cabinet meeting every Tuesday.

Reuters has a quote from Kan Yuenyong, SIU Director:

No one will be surprised if Thaksin wants to influence policy, but he is still, in theory, on the run from a two-year jail sentence and his presence at the meeting is provocative.

“This is the government’s weak point that opposition sides will use to attack Thaksin and Puea Thai, but it won’t make the government collapse,” said political analyst Kan Yuenyong at Siam Intelligence Unit.

Full article at Rueters. This news piece is also republished on The Guardian.