Government Budget Visualization FY2013

SIU visualization of Thailand Government Budget FY2013 (starting 1 October 2012)

How does Thai government spend its budget? We visualize data from the Budget Bureau into a chart. Let see how the proposed Government Budget FY2013 (BE2556, starting 1 October 2012) is divided into category.

The proposed FY2013 budget is 2.4 trillion Baht.

  • 20.8% will go for general administration
  • 20.6% for educational budget
  • 19.6% for economics development, including infrastructures and agriculture
  • 10.6% for healthcare
  • 8.4% for social works
  • 7.5% for defense
  • 6% for internal peace keeping, including police, justice and attorney
  • 5.6% for housing and community works
  • 0.9% for culture, religion, recreation and environmental

See the full story (in Thai) at Siam Intelligence web site.